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I hope that you enjoy these podcast interviews. In these interviews, we give you insights into the modalities and methods used by the therapists who work with us.

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The Mental Health Emergency Fund, Inc. exists to reduce financial barriers impeding community members from accessing quality mental health care.

Latoya Stewart


A Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Private Practice Owner in the State of Maryland. Latoya is a wife, mother, daughter and is heavily connected through kinship within family and community dynamics.. Listen...

JaAlah-Ai Heughan


Baltimore City native, creating opportunities that provide equitable mental health treatment. Psychotherapist offering a therapeutic approach grounded in Culturally Affirming Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Mindfulness-Based practices. Listen...

Johnzelle Anderson


In therapy, the vehicle for change is found in the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client. It’s important for you to feel comfortable and to develop trust in me. Establishing that rapport will be my goal from our first session. Listen...

Tunisia Buise


Tunisia’s drive and passion for the mental health field, with the focus on women issues, arose as she encountered many challenges in her life and noticed her own responses, or lack thereof. Listen...

Trina Murray


Trina has provided family counseling to military families on both Andrew Air Force Base and Fort Meade in Maryland for approximately ten years. Listen...

Rachael Lindo


Rachael has worked in the mental health field for the past 7 years, in a variety of roles. Listen...

Dr. Orlando Wright


Dr. Orlando Wright is a behavioral scientist with a Master of Social Work and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science. Listen...

Mavlyn Bazil


Stepping into her career as a social worker, she brings experiences from military service. Listen...

Badia Khalid-Manning


Badia Khalid-Manning, LCPC, is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (C-DBT), and Level 1 Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFiT). Listen...

Charles Robinson-Snead


Charles is a licensed therapist and a wellness coach, a role in which he enjoys working with individuals and groups from Black and Brown communities through trauma-informed treatment approaches.. Listen...

Kiara Hartwell Opara


Kiara Hartwell Opara, LCPC, is a licensed clinical professional counselor based in Virginia Beach, VA and is also licensed in Maryland. Listen...

Cynthia Issac

EFT Practitioner

Cynthia Issac is a personal growth and transformation mentor, EFT practitioner and personal development trainer. She is a widow whose purpose in life is to encourage, equip and empower widows. Listen...

Jayden Aubryn


Jayden Aubryn (they/them), LICSW, is a Black, queer, non-binary, and ethically non-monogamous psychotherapist, personal trainer, and consultant. Listen...

D’Shawn Harris


Drawing on systemic and family-centered approaches, D'Shawn creates a professional and safe environment where clients can embark on their journey toward transformation. Listen...